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Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET, 1/e
By Jimmy Nilsson
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: May 08, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-26820-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-26820-4
Pages: 576

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    Praise for Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns
    About the Author
    Preface: Bridging Gaps
    Part I:  Background
          Chapter 1.  Values to Value: Or Embarrassing Ramblings When Self-Reflecting on the Last Few Years
      Overall Values
      Architecture Styles to Value
      Process Ingredients to Value
      Continuous Integration
      Don't Forget About Operations
          Chapter 2.  A Head Start on Patterns
      A Little Bit About Patterns
      Design Patterns
      Architectural Patterns
      Design Patterns for Specific Types of Applications
      Domain Patterns
          Chapter 3.  TDD and Refactoring
      Test-Driven Development (TDD)
      Mocks and Stubs
    Part II:  Applying DDD
          Chapter 4.  A New Default Architecture
      The Basis of the New Default Architecture
      A First Sketch
      Making a First Attempt at Hooking the UI to the Domain Model
      Yet Another Dimension
          Chapter 5.  Moving Further with Domain-Driven Design
      Refining the Domain Model Through Simple TDD Experimentation
      Fluent Interface
          Chapter 6.  Preparing for Infrastructure
      POCO as a Lifestyle
      Dealing with Save Scenarios
      Let's Build the Fake Mechanism
      Database Testing
          Chapter 7.  Let the Rules Rule
      Categorization of Rules
      Principles for Rules and Their Usage
      Starting to Create an API
      Requirements for a Basic Rules API Related to Persistence
      Focus on Domain-Related Rules
      Extending the API
      Refining the Implementation
      Binding to the Persistence Abstraction
      Generics and Anonymous Methods to the Rescue
      What Others Have Done
    Part III:  Applying PoEaa
          Chapter 8.  Infrastructure for Persistence
      Requirements on the Persistence Infrastructure
      Where to Store Data
      Another Classification: Infrastructure Patterns
          Chapter 9.  Putting NHibernate into Action
      Why NHibernate?
      A Short Introduction to NHibernate
      Requirements of the Persistence Infrastructure
      Another Classification: Infrastructure Patterns
      NHibernate and DDD
    Part IV:  What's Next?
          Chapter 10.  Design Techniques to Embrace
      Context Is King
      An Introduction to SOA
      Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
      Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
          Chapter 11.  Focus on the UI
      A Prepilogue
      The Model-View-Controller Pattern
      Test-Driving a Web Form
      Mapping and Wrapping
    Part V:  Appendices
          Appendix A.  Other Domain Model Styles
      Object-Oriented Data Model, Smart Service Layer, and Documents
      The Database Model Is the Domain Model
      Pragmatism and the Nontraditional Approach
          Appendix B.  Catalog of Discussed Patterns
      Abstract Factory [GoF Design Patterns]
      Aggregate [Evans DDD]
      Bounded Context [Evans DDD]
      Chain of Responsibility [GoF Design Patterns]
      Class Table Inheritance [Fowler PoEAA]
      Coarse-Grained Lock [Fowler PoEAA]
      Collecting Parameter Pattern [Beck SBPP]
      Concrete Table Inheritance [Fowler PoEAA]
      Data Mapper [Fowler PoEAA]
      Data Transfer Objects [Fowler PoEAA]
      Decorator [GoF Design Patterns]
      Dependency Injection
      Domain Model [Fowler PoEAA]
      Embedded Value [Fowler PoEAA]
      Entity [Evans DDD]
      Factory [Evans DDD]
      Factory Method [GoF Design Patterns]
      Foreign Key Mapping [Fowler PoEAA]
      Generation Gap [Vlissides Pattern Hatching]
      Identity Field [Fowler PoEAA]
      Identity Map [Fowler PoEAA]
      Implicit Lock [Fowler PoEAA]
      Layer Supertype [Fowler PoEAA]
      Layers [POSA]
      Lazy Load [Fowler PoEAA]
      Metadata Mapping [Fowler PoEAA]
      Model View Controller [Fowler PoEAA]
      Model View Presenter [Fowler PoEAA2]
      Notification [Fowler PoEAA2]
      Null Object [Woolf Null Object]
      Optimistic Offline Lock [Fowler PoEAA]
      Party Archetype [Arlow/Neustadt Archetype Patterns]
      Pessimistic Offline Lock [Fowler PoEAA]
      Pipes and Filters [POSA]
      Presentation Model [Fowler PoEAA2]
      Proxy [GoF Design Patterns]
      Query Object [Fowler PoEAA]
      Recordset [Fowler PoEAA]
      Reflection [POSA]
      Registry [Fowler PoEAA]
      Remote Façade [Fowler PoEAA]
      Repository [Evans DDD]
      Separated Presentation [Fowler PoEAA2]
      Service Layer [Fowler PoEAA]
      Service Locator [Alur/Crupi/Malks Core J2EE Patterns]
      Services [Evans DDD]
      Single Table Inheritance [Fowler PoEAA]
      Singleton [GoF Design Patterns]
      Specification [Evans DDD]
      State [GoF Design Patterns]
      Table Module [Fowler PoEAA]
      Template Method [GoF Design Patterns]
      Transaction Script [Fowler PoEAA]
      Unit of Work [Fowler PoEAA]
      Value Object [Evans DDD]

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns(c) With Examples in C# and  .NET
Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET
ISBN: 0321268202
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 179
Authors: Jimmy Nilsson

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