Section B.6. Learning More . . .

B.6. Learning More . . .

BeanShell has many more features than I've described here. You can embed BeanShell into your applications as a lightweight scripting engine, passing live Java objects into and out of scripts. You can even run BeanShell in a remote server mode, which lets you work in a shell inside your running application, for debugging and experimentation. There is also a BeanShell servlet that can be used for running scripts inside an application server.

BeanShell is small (only about 200 KB) and it's free, licensed under the GNU Library General Public License and the Sun Public License. You can learn more by checking out the full user's manual and FAQ on the web site. If you have ideas, bug fixes, or improvements, please consider joining the developer's mailing list.

Please feel free to send feedback, using the book's web page, Enjoy!

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