The Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) fixup protocol allows application inspection of traffic using the default port 80. When HTTP fixups are enabled, three main functions become available:

  • Filtering of URL features using WebSense or N2H2 servers

  • Logging of HTTP GET requests

  • Filtering of Java and ActiveX content.

You can create additional ports for the HTTP fixup protocol command. For example, the following command enables HTTP fixups on port 8080:

 pixfirewall(config)# fixup protocol http 8080 

With the previous command, application inspection for HTTP takes place on the both the default port 80 and on additional port 8080.

To turn off HTTP fixups, you use the following command:

 pixfirewall(config)# no fixup protocol http 8080 pixfirewall(config)# no fixup protocol http 80 

If you turn off all HTTP fixups, you will not able to perform URL filtering.

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