Appendix B. Open Core Protocol (OCP)


Appendix B. Open Core Protocol (OCP) [1]

[1] Courtesy of OCP International Partnership Association, Inc (OCP-IP). Portions reprinted with permission.

The Open Core Protocol (OCP) delivers the first openly licensed, core-centric protocol that comprehensively fulfills system-level integration requirements. The OCP defines a comprehensive, bus-independent, high-performance, and configurable interface between IP cores and on-chip communication subsystems. A designer selects only those signals and features from the palette of OCP configurations needed to fulfill all of an IP core's unique data, control, and test-signaling requirements. Existing IP cores may be inexpensively adapted . Defining a core interface using the OCP provides a complete description for system integration, and enables core reuse and test reuse without rework . The OCP supports very high transfer performance, with data-transfer models ranging from simple request-grant through pipelined request-response to more complex out-of-order operations. OCP provides a clear delineation of design-responsibility boundaries between core authors and SOC integrators.



From ASICs to SOCs. A Practical Approach
From ASICs to SOCs: A Practical Approach
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