Chapter 4. Advanced Control Programming


  • Working with View State

  • Displaying and Hiding Content

  • Using Rich Controls

In this chapter, you examine several advanced methods of working with controls in your ASP.NET pages.

First, you delve deeper into the details of view state. You learn how to enable and disable view state for particular controls on a page, and how to disable view state for a whole page. You also learn how to store your own variables in view state.

Next, you learn how to gain programmatic access to the controls in your pages and set control properties to hide and display controls. You also learn how to programmatically add new controls to a page. This skill enables you to create pages with complex interactions between the form elements.


You can view "live" versions of many of the code samples in this chapter by visiting the Superexpert Web site at:

Finally, you examine several of the rich controls included with ASP.NET. You learn how to use the Calendar control to create interactive calendars, use the AdRotator control to display rotating banner advertisements, and use the HTMLInputFile control to accept file uploads at your Web site.

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