Practice Scenario 3: Span Engineering Dial Plan Worksheet

Following is a list of specifications for the Span Engineering dial plan:

  • The Cicero Campus number ranges are 708-555-1xxx, 708-555-2xxx, and 708-555-3xxx.

  • The Cicero Campus site-access code is 7.

  • The Dallas campus number ranges are 972-555-1xxx and 972-555-2xxx.

  • The Dallas campus site-access code is 5.

  • The ORD (Span Engineering Chicago airport location) number range is 630-555-5xxx.

  • The ORD site-access code is 6.

  • The PSTN requires ten-digit dialing for local calls.

  • The PSTN requires 1 + ten digits for long-distance calls.

  • Cicero to ORD is local through PSTN.

  • Cicero to Dallas is long distance through PSTN.

  • Intrasite calls require a four-digit extension.

  • Intersite calls require an access code and a four-digit extension.

Based on the dial plan worksheet, fill in the appropriate information in each space in Table 5-5. The first row has been filled in for you as an example.

Table 5-5. Practice Scenario 3: Span Engineering Dial Plan

Call Information

Number Dialed

Number Sent to Remote Gateway Through WAN

Number Sent to PSTN

Cicero caller calls Dallas extension 2312




Cicero caller calls ORD extension 5087


Dallas caller calls Cicero extension 3312


Dallas caller calls Dallas extension 2887


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