Deploying the XML Site

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There are a number of tools available to deploy XML- and XSLT-based Web sites on various platforms. We will discuss a few of them here.

The Microsoft XSL ISAPI filter is a plug-in for IIS that can be configured to perform on-the-fly XSLT processing of XML files and ASP pages. It uses MSXML ”Microsoft's XML parser, which contains a fast XSLT processor ”and caching and precompilation of the XSLT for excellent performance. Another feature is that it allows you to specify different style sheets for different browser types or version numbers . The XML ISAPI filter is downloadable for free from the XML section of the MSDN Web site at .

The Apache XML project has two subprojects for XML-based Web publishing, Cocoon and Ax-Kit. Cocoon is a Java-based framework for building and deploying XML and XSLT sites. It is available at . Ax-Kit is implemented in Perl and available at A simple Java servlet filter similar in principle to the Microsoft XML ISAPI and available for use with JSP and Apache can be downloaded from .

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