place the new fields

The new fields will all go on tab panels of the Main layout.

Switch to Layout mode, and select the Main layout from the layouts menu.

On the tab control, click the Savings/Money Market tab. Select the Sav_Initial Balance label and field, and choose Edit > Duplicate (/).

Drag the duplicate label and field, positioning them directly below the original Sav_Initial Balance field.

Double-click the duplicate Sav_Initial Balance field. The Field/Control Setup dialog box appears. Select Sav_Current Balance from the field list, make sure Create label is not checked, and click OK. The duplicate field is replaced by the Sav_Current Balance field.

Select the Sav_Current Balance field on the layout and format it as bold. Edit the field label to read Current Balance.

Duplicating an existing field has the advantage of also duplicating the field's formatting.

Switch to the Stock/Mutual Fund tab panel.

Select the Stk_Commission and Stk_Total Cost fields and labels on the right side of the tab control. Choose Edit > Duplicate.

Drag the duplicates down into the next section. Use the Size palette to align the top of the first duplicate with the Stk_Current Price field.

Now we'll substitute new fields for the duplicates. Double-click the Stk_Commission duplicate, select Stk_Current Value as the replacement field, ensure that Create label is not checked, and click OK.

Use the same procedure to replace the Stk_Total Cost duplicate with the Stk_Change in Value field.

Edit the two labels to read Current Value and Gain/Loss (including div/int).

Because both of the new fields are important, make them bold so they'll stand out.

Switch to the CD tab panel.

Duplicate the CD_Term label and field. Drag the duplicates directly beneath the originals. Double-click the duplicate CD_Term field and replace it with CD_Current Value, making sure that Create label is not checked.

Select the CD_Current Value field on the layout and format it as bold. Choose Format > Number and apply the standard currency settings to the field.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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