Chapter 1. Cisco Wireless Equipment

Chapter 1 Contents

Cisco Aironet APs pg 3

Cisco Aironet 1100 Series pg 4

Aironet 1130AG Series AP pg 6

Cisco Aironet 1200 Series pg 7

Aironet 1230AG Series AP pg 9

Cisco Aironet 1300 Series pg 9

AP Quick Comparison pg 11

Airespace pg 16

Cisco 1000 Series Lightweight AP pg 16

Cisco WLAN Controllers pg 17

Cisco Wireless Bridges pg 19

Cisco Aironet 1300 Series as a Bridge pg 19

Cisco Aironet 1400 Series pg 21

Wireless Bridge Quick Comparison pg 22

Cisco Client Adapters pg 24

Cisco Aironet 350 pg 24

Cisco Aironet 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g CardBus and PCI Wireless Client LAN Adapters pg 25

Cisco Aironet 5 GHz 802.11a Adapter pg 26

Client Adapter Quick Comparison pg 27

Cisco Wireless Router and Switch Services pg 30

Cisco 3200 Series Wireless and Mobile Routers pg 30

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches pg 30

Cisco Wireless 7920 IP Phone pg 31

Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) pg 32

Other Resources pg 33

With the growth and popularity of 802.11 wireless networking (also known as Wi-Fi), dozens of companies have developed wireless networking equipment. In 2000, Cisco acquired a company called Aironet. Since its acquisition, Aironet has become the title of Cisco wireless technology devices. From access points (APs) to client adapters, the Aironet family is a name you will become familiar with as you work more with Cisco wireless products.

You might also know the Linksys family of wireless networking devices. Most likely, you have seen these products in your local electronics store, somewhere between the spindles of blank CD-ROMs and new computers. Cisco acquired Linksys a few years ago; its products are aimed at consumers. Although these are useful utilitarian products, this chapter focuses on the products Cisco makes that are aimed at business and enterprise markets. Recently, Cisco acquired Airespace and has added its devices to the Cisco Wi-Fi line up.

This chapter examines the Cisco Aironet line of APs, client adapters, and bridges. It also introduces the Airespace equipment, as well as other unique wireless devices (such as the wireless IP phone from Cisco)all the tools that you might use to deploy and upgrade a WLAN. These devices are compared at the end of each section, so you can match a Cisco wireless device against your own wants and needs.

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
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