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FanC/FanM (power supply signals) 
fans  [See also heatsink/fan units]
    cases and 
    power supplies and 
    video adapters and 
fast ATA 
Fast Page Mode (FPM) 
fast SCSI 
FAT16/FAT32 volumes 
    conversions between 
FC-PGA (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array) 
FC-PGA2 (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array 2) 
FDDs  [See floppy disk drives]
female connectors 
ferro-resonant SPS 
FireWire CD-RW drive (Yamaha) 
    for CD-R/CD-RW drives, keeping updated 
        installing update 
    foreign, caution with 
    packet writing and 
first-party DMA 
fixed-length packets 
flash BIOS
    recovering from failed update 
    updating, caution with  2nd 
Flat Square Tube (FST)  2nd 
flat-panel displays (FPDs) 
FlexATX cases 
Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FC-PGA) 
Flip Chip Pin Grid Array 2 (FC:-PGA2) 
floating-point unit (FPU) 
floppy disk drives (FDDs)  2nd 
    BIOS updates 
        card edge 
    drawbacks of 
    emulating older models 
        recommendations for 
    installing  2nd 
        caution with 
    obsolete diskette formats 
    power supplies in 
    recommendations for 
    recovering flash BIOS updates 
    salvaging diskette data 
    types of 
    working with 
floppy disks 
    data recovery and 
    obsolete formats 
    Quick Format option, caution with 
flow control 
FM Synthesis 
font sizes, setting
    Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 
    Windows NT 
force-feedback technology 
form factors
    ATX  2nd 
    Celerons and 
    installing drives and 
    power supplies and 
FPDs  [See flat-panel displays]
FPM (Fast Page Mode) 
FPU (floating-point unit) 
frame buffers (video memory) 
frames  2nd 
Freon, repairing PCs and 
frequency response 
front-side bus (FSB) 
    bus interfaces 
    L2 cache 
    memory buses 
FST (Flat Square Tube)  2nd 
full-height drives 
functions (bridge logic) 


PC Hardware in a Nutshell
PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 059600513X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 246

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