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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
Table of Contents

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OAS (Oracle Application Server)  2nd 
obj$ table 
objauth$ table 
object privileges  2nd  [See also privileges]
    granted to roles (ROLE_TAB_PRIVS view) 
    listing all granted (DBA_TAB_PRIVS) 
Object Request Broker (ORB) 
object-level auditing 
objects  [See database objects]
ODS (Oracle Diagnostic System) 
OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager)  2nd 
     components of 
    control files and 
    database administration toolkit  2nd 
    Event Management System 
    Job Scheduler 
    repository data 
offline recovery 
OMX (Oracle Media Exchange) 
one-way hash functions  2nd 
online recovery 
online resources 
OpenVMS systems
    captive accounts 
    file-level interaction protection 
     group membership 
    OSDBA role 
    SQL.BSQ, CATALOG.SQL file locations 
    swapping passwords 
operating system
    access control from 
    default auditing 
    running commands 
    security  2nd 
        accounts and 
OPS$ accounts 
    creating/maintaining data dictionary 
    distribution files 
    initialization file parameters 
    installing and starting 
    installing/configuring SQL*Net 
    resources for further reading  2nd 
    security model 
    versions of 
Oracle products 
    ANO (Advanced Networking Option) 
    distributing, (de)installing, deleting 
    Oracle Application Server (OAS)  2nd 
    Oracle Backup Manager  2nd 
    Oracle Data Manager  2nd 
    Oracle Diagnostic System (ODS) 
    Oracle Instance Manager 
    Oracle Media Exchange (OMX) 
    Oracle Names Server 
    Oracle Performance Packs 
    Oracle Replication Manager  2nd 
    Oracle Schema Manager  2nd 
    Oracle Security Manager  2nd 
    Oracle Software Manager  2nd 
    Oracle SQL Worksheet  2nd 
    Oracle Storage Manager  2nd 
    Oracle7 Enterprise Backup Utility 
    Oracle8 Recovery Manager 
    OSS (Oracle Security Server) 
    OSS Manager 
    Trusted Oracle  2nd 
Oracle systems
    components of 
    files of (system files)  2nd 
        list of, and descriptions 
    logical components  [See database objects]
    physical components 
    protecting from outsiders 
Oracle-supplied  [See default]
oracle_security_service(_admin) accounts 
oracle_security_service, oracle_security_admin accounts 
ORAPWD/ORAPWD80 utility 
ORB (Object Request Broker) 
OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX parameter  2nd 
OSDBA privilege 
OSDBA role  2nd 
OSOPER privilege 
OSOPER role  2nd 
OSS (Oracle Security Server)  2nd  3rd  4th 
    components of 
    configuring and using 
    global users and roles 
    OSS Authentication Adapter 
    OSS Manager  2nd 
    repository  2nd  3rd 
        access to 
osslogin utility  2nd 
overloading programs 
    fully qualified path names 
    hiding owner (example) 
    stored procedures 
    synonym resolution and 


Oracle Security
Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment
ISBN: 0072133252
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1998
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