var directory, Overview of the Red Hat Linux File System

var directory (FHS), The /var Directory

var partition, Server Installations

variable files, Why Share a Common Structure?

VCDs, Playing Digital Videos

(Video Compact Discs), Playing Digital Videos

VendorName option (XFree86 server Device section), Monitor


RPM, RPM Design Goals, Verifying a Package

VertRefresh option (XFree86 server Device section), Monitor

VFAT file system

partitions, File System Types

video cards

configuration, Video Card Configuration

Red Hat Linux installation, Table 1-1. System Requirements Table

troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Your Video Card

Video Compact Discs., see vcds

VideoRam option (XFree86 server Device section), Device


playing, Playing Digital Videos

View menu commands

Apply Theme, Changing Themes

Preview, Managing Files with Konqueror

View Mode menu commands

KView, Viewing Images with Konqueror


directories with ls command, View Directory Contents with ls, Table 8-2: Options for ls

files on diskettes, Figure 7-1. Viewing Files on a Diskette with Nautilus

images, Viewing Images, Viewing Images with Nautilus, Viewing Images with GQview, Figure 15-4. The GQview Options Dialog Box

images with Konqueror, Viewing Images with Konqueror, Figure B-10. The Open With . . . Dialog Box

local users, User and Group Configuration

MS-DOS diskette contents, Reading MS-DOS Formatted Diskettes

PDFs, Viewing PDFs

print jobs, Viewing Print Jobs

user properties, Modifying User Properties

users, User and Group Configuration

virtual files, Viewing Virtual Files

virtual console

log out, Virtual Console Logout

logins, Virtual Console Login

shutdowns, Virtual Console Shutdown

virtual consoles, A Note about Virtual Consoles, Table 2-1: Virtual Consoles

virtual files, A Virtual File System

viewing, Viewing Virtual Files

virtual terminals, /proc/tty/

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