36.6 Solaris

36.6.1 Locking Improvements

Some people have been experiencing problems with F_SETLKW64/fcntl when running Samba on Solaris. The built-in file locking mechanism was not scalable. Performance would degrade to the point where processes would get into loops of trying to lock a file. It would try a lock, then fail, then try again. The lock attempt was failing before the grant was occurring. So the visible manifestation of this would be a handful of processes stealing all of the CPU, and when they were trussed they would be stuck if F_SETLKW64 loops .

Sun released patches for Solaris 2.6, 8, and 9. The patch for Solaris 7 has not been released yet.

The patch revision for 2.6 is 105181-34, for 8 is 108528-19 and for 9 is 112233-04.

After the install of these patches, it is recommended to reconfigure and rebuild Samba.

Thanks to Joe Meslovich for reporting this.

36.6.2 Winbind on Solaris 9

Nsswitch on Solaris 9 refuses to use the Winbind NSS module. This behavior is fixed by Sun in patch 113476-05, which as of March 2003, is not in any roll-up packages.

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