Chapter 10. Generated Content and List Properties

Although for the most part, you want to place all of the content that is going to be displayed in your Web page directly into the HTML code, there are occasions where it is useful to have the content generated for you.

CSS provides several properties that let you specify content to be placed on the page (generated) for specific instances. For example, you might want all chapter titles to include the word "Chapter" before them.

One of the most common methods of generating content for the page is to use lists, in which items are automatically bulleted or numbered. CSS gives you many more choices, providing control over the type of marker used to denote the list items, which can be a bullet or an alphanumeric character. You can also create your own graphic bullets and make lists with hanging indents.

In this chapter, I'll show you not only how to whip your lists into shape using CSS but also how to automatically add content that is not placed directly in the HTML.

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