Adding Persistence

ATL provides base classes for objects that want to be persistentthat is, saved to some persistence medium (such as a disk) and restored later. COM objects expose this support by implementing one of the COM persistence interfaces, such as IPersistStreamInit, IPersistStorage, or IPersistPropertyBag. ATL provides implementation of these three persistence interfacesnamely, IPersistStreamInitImpl, IPersistStorageImpl, and IPersistPropertyBagImpl. Your COM object supports persistence by deriving from any of these base classes, adding the interface to your COM_MAP, and adding a data member called m_bRequiresSave that each of these base classes expects.

class ATL_NO_VTABLE CCalcPi :   public ICalcPi,   public IAdvertiseMyself,   public IPersistPropertyBagImpl<CCalcPi> { public:   ...   // ICalcPi public:   STDMETHOD(CalcPi)(/*[out, retval]*/ BSTR* pbstrPi);   STDMETHOD(get_Digits)(/*[out, retval]*/ long *pVal);   STDMETHOD(put_Digits)(/*[in]*/ long newVal); public:   BOOL m_bRequiresSave; // Used by persistence base classes private:   long m_nDigits; }; 

However, that's not quite all there is to it. ATL's implementation of persistence needs to know which parts of your object need to be saved and restored. For that information, ATL's implementations of the persistent interfaces rely on a table of object properties that you want to persist between sessions. This table, called a PROP_MAP, contains a mapping of property names and dispatch identifiers (as defined in the IDL file). So, given the following interface:

[ object, ... ] interface ICalcPi : IDispatch {     [propget, id(1)] HRESULT Digits([out, retval] LONG* pVal);     [propput, id(1)] HRESULT Digits([in] LONG newVal); }; 

the PROP_MAP would be contained inside our implementation of ICalcPi like this:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE CCalcPi : ... {   ... public: BEGIN_PROP_MAP(CCalcPi)   PROP_ENTRY("Digits", 1, CLSID_NULL) END_PROP_MAP() }; 

Given an implementation of IPersistPropertyBag, our IE sample code can be expanded to support initialization of object properties via persistence using the <param> tag:

<object class         id=objPiCalculator>         <param name=digits value=5> </object> <script language=vbscript>   ' Calculate pi   dim pi   pi = objPiCalculator.CalcPi   ' Tell the world!   document.write "Pi to " & objPiCalculator.digits &_     " digits is " & pi </script> 

For more information about ATL's implementation of persistence, see Chapter 7, "Persistence in ATL."

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