Chapter 4 -- Creating a Domain Plan

Chapter 4

About This Chapter

After you and your design team finish creating a forest plan, the next stage in designing an Active Directory directory services infrastructure is to create a domain plan. To create a domain plan, you define domains, define the forest root domain, define a domain hierarchy, name domains, and plan DNS server deployment. The end result of a domain plan is a domain hierarchy diagram. This chapter discusses the process of creating a domain plan.


Read the "Designing in the Real World & Creating a Domain Plan" interview with Darron Inman, Microsoft Consulting Services, for a real-world perspective of creating a domain plan. You can find the interview on the Supplemental Course Materials CD-ROM (\chapt04\DomainPlanInterview).

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • Knowledge of Active Directory components and concepts covered in Chapter 1, "Introduction to Active Directory"
  • Knowledge of business and technical environment analyses components covered in Chapter 2, "Introduction to Designing a Directory Services Infrastructure"
  • Knowledge and skills covered in Chapter 3, "Creating a Forest Plan"

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