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What's in This Book

This book consists of 12 chapters. Chapters start with the basics and move to more complex topics. Here is a summary of the chapters:

Chapter 1, Introduction to Access/Excel Integration

Introduces the general topics in the book and explains some of the thought process that goes into integrating the applications.

Chapter 2, Using the Excel User Interface

Covers the tasks that you can complete using only the Excel GUI, as well as discussing some VBA topics.

Chapter 3, Data Access from Excel VBA

Covers using ADO and DAO along with VBA to pull data into Excel.

Chapter 4, Integration from the Access Interface

Covers both using Excel data in Access and exporting Access data into Excel from features in the Access GUI.

Chapter 5, Using Access VBA to Automate Excel

Covers controlling Excel from Access and pushing data into Excel. Automation examples of many Excel formatting and formula topics are given.

Chapter 6, Using Excel Charts and Pivot Tables with Access Data

Covers building charts and pivot tables in Excel using data that originates in Access.

Chapter 7, Leveraging SQL Server Data with Microsoft Office

Covers using SQL Server Data, as well as using DTS and ActiveX scripts to automate Office applications from SQL Server.

Chapter 8, Advanced Excel Reporting Techniques

Covers using VBA from Access to automate reporting in Excel.

Chapter 9, Using Access and Excel Data in Other Applications

Covers data integration and automation from Access and/or Excel in Word, PowerPoint, and MapPoint.

Chapter 10, Creating Form Functionality in Excel

Covers how to build forms in Excel similar to those in Access.

Chapter 11, Building Graphical User Interfaces

Covers some basic topics to help you build a functional GUI in Access.

Chapter 12, Tackling an Integration Project

Covers a project, complete with source code, that requires integration of Access and Excel.

This book covers hundreds of tasks you'll need to do at one point or another with Office. If you feel something important has been left out that should be included, let us know. We'll work to get it in a future edition. For contact information, see the We'd Like Your Feedback! section later in the Preface.

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    Integrating Excel and Access
    Integrating Excel and Access
    ISBN: 0596009739
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 132

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