The Text Wrap palette (choose Window, Text Wrap to display it) enables you to create text frames that flow around other page elements, such as photos, graphics, or even other text frames (see Figure 27.38):


Drag your text frame into position as you want it to appear in relation to the wrap object. Select the object you want it to wrap around.


Choose how you want the text to wrap around your object.

The Wrap Around Bounding Box option gives you a rectangular text wrap, regardless of the shape of the object inside the bounding box (see Figure 27.39).

Figure 27.39. A text wrap around an object's bounding box.

The Wrap Around Object Shape option automatically detects the path of the object, including clipping paths applied in Photoshop (see Figure 27.40).

Figure 27.40. A text wrap around an object's shape.

Jump Object places text above and below the item.

Jump to Next Column ends the type at the top of the object and continues in the next available column.

The Invert check box makes the text wrap inside the path as opposed to outside.


In the next four fields set the amount of offset you want between the type and the object, above, below, and to the left and right of the object.


If you select to wrap around object shape, you can also select from the contour options, which are to wrap around the bounding box, detect the edges of the object, wrap around an alpha channel or Photoshop path, wrap around the graphic frame, or wrap around the clipping path.

More information about clipping paths and how they are specified and recognized in InDesign can be found in Chapter 28, "Working with Graphics in InDesign."


Check Include Inside Edges to apply type inside "holes" in an object, like a tire.


After your text is wrapped around the object, you can select the object with the Direct Selection tool to see the path. Use the Direct Selection tool to move points on the path and reshape the wrap, or the Add or Subtract Anchor Points tools to adjust the anchor points on the path.

Figure 27.38. The Text Wrap palette enables you to specify how the text contained in type frames wraps around objects on the page.

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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