Chapter 1. Strings

    Section 1.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 1.1.  Accessing Substrings

    Recipe 1.2.  Extracting Substrings

    Recipe 1.3.  Replacing Substrings

    Recipe 1.4.  Processing a String One Byte at a Time

    Recipe 1.5.  Reversing a String by Word or Byte

    Recipe 1.6.  Expanding and Compressing Tabs

    Recipe 1.7.  Controlling Case

    Recipe 1.8.  Interpolating Functions and Expressions Within Strings

    Recipe 1.9.  Trimming Blanks from a String

    Recipe 1.10.  Generating Comma-Separated Data

    Recipe 1.11.  Parsing Comma-Separated Data

    Recipe 1.12.  Generating Fixed-Width Field Data Records

    Recipe 1.13.  Parsing Fixed-Width Field Data Records

    Recipe 1.14.  Taking Strings Apart

    Recipe 1.15.  Wrapping Text at a Certain Line Length

    Recipe 1.16.  Storing Binary Data in Strings

    Recipe 1.17.  Program: Downloadable CSV File

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