Chapter 12. XML

    Section 12.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 12.1.  Generating XML as a String

    Recipe 12.2.  Generating XML with the DOM

    Recipe 12.3.  Parsing Basic XML Documents

    Recipe 12.4.  Parsing Complex XML Documents

    Recipe 12.5.  Parsing Large XML Documents

    Recipe 12.6.  Extracting Information Using XPath

    Recipe 12.7.  Transforming XML with XSLT

    Recipe 12.8.  Setting XSLT Parameters from PHP

    Recipe 12.9.  Calling PHP Functions from XSLT Stylesheets

    Recipe 12.10.  Validating XML Documents

    Recipe 12.11.  Handling Content Encoding

    Recipe 12.12.  Reading RSS and Atom Feeds

    Recipe 12.13.  Writing RSS Feeds

    Recipe 12.14.  Writing Atom Feeds

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