Magnifying Glass tool

A tool that enables you to zoom in on any part of the display. Pressing the Control key while rubber-band selecting a part of the window section enlarges the area. You can also activate the Magnifying Glass from other tools by holding down the Control key.


Used for indicating and quickly moving to sections of your song.

Marquee tool

A crosshair-shaped tool in the Arrange window with which you can select and edit Regions, or even portions of Regions.

Matrix Editor

The main MIDI editing environment in Logic. It displays note events as horizontal beams. Events can be cut, copied, moved, and resized in a similar fashion to Regions in the Arrange window.

menu bar

The bar extending along the top of the computer screen that gives options for global functions like opening windows and saving and loading songs. The local menu bars in the individual editing windows provide access to most of Logic's functions.


In Logic, a component that produces a sound measuring the beat. It can be set with a button in the Transport. A MIDI Metronome Click Object must be present in the Environment to activate the metronome.


Musical instrument digital interface. It's an industry standard that allows devices like synthesizers and computers to communicate with each other. It controls a musical note's pitch, length, and volume, among other characteristics.

MIDI channel

A conduit for MIDI data. MIDI data flows through MIDI ports in channels, and up to 16 MIDI channels can pass through each port at the same time.

MIDI Region

Data container for MIDI events, shown in the Arrange window as a named horizontal beam. It does not contain sounds, but rather contains MIDI events that tell a synthesizer how to produce sounds. In earlier Logic versions MIDI Regions were called sequences.


The process of shaping the overall sound of a song by adjusting the volume levels and pan positions, adding EQ and other effects, and using automation to dynamically alter aspects of the song.


A digital coding standard used to compress audio files and distribute them over the Internet.

Multi Instrument

An Object in the Environment that represents a multi-timbral device.


Describes an instrument or other device that can use several MIDI channels simultaneously.


To silence the output of a Region or track.

Mute tool

A tool that enables you to stop an Object from playing by clicking the Object with it.

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