Setup, One-Time, and Infrequent Tasks

Setup, One-Time, and Infrequent Tasks

In general, the setup tasks associated with purchase order reception are minimal compared to catalog publication. This section discusses the tasks that must be performed, beyond successfully completing the installation of AFS. These tasks are:

  • Providing an order reception URL to trading partners. In order to receive purchase orders from trading partners, those trading partners must know the URL to which they should post the purchase order documents. In the AFS Solution Site, the name of the page to which purchase orders should be posted is ReceivePO.asp, with which the relevant URL should end, (The beginning part of the URL will depend on the supplier's domain name.)
  • Creating a trading partner profile. For each trading partner from whom a supplier is going to receive purchase orders, the supplier must create a trading partner profile for that customer in the Trading Partner Manager module in Business Desk (the Trading Partner Manager module is one of three new modules provided in the AFS Solution Site). A trading partner profile consists of the following information:
    • A unique name for the customer.
    • A shared secret that is used in cXML for authentication.
    • The order format to be used (cXML 1.1, cXML 1.2, or xCBL 3.0).
    • The BizTalk Server transport channel associated with the customer.
    • For xCBL 3.0 only, the URL that the customer has established to receive (purchase) Order Response messages.

    Note that this profile might already have been created while setting up to publishing catalogs to the trading partner.

  • Assessing processing performance. Depending on individual business requirements, a supplier should confirm that the processing performed in the Business Process Pipelines System meets their needs. For additional information about configuring and altering the Order Processing pipeline, see the Commerce Server documentation.
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