The Challenges of Moving to a Project Management Tool

As challenging as the tool may be to configure, install, and deploy, these difficulties pale in comparison to the potential organizational challenges you may face. As discussed earlier in the chapter, a high level of organizational discipline is required to succeed with this tool. Organizations introducing time reporting for the first time are likely to meet with resistance from line managers and team members alike. It’s beneficial to have a very strong executive-level commitment to this change or have across-the-board grassroots support. Everyone involved in the project process must be committed to using the tool.

For organizations that already have corporate time-tracking systems, a special dilemma arises. Corporate time systems, old and new alike, typically capture time at the project level and not the assignment level. Project Server captures time at the assignment level, so you must make a decision. Which interface will be the corporate standard? Is it possible to transition everyone to the Project Server interface or is a blended approach more applicable? How will these two systems integrate? Will your team accept double entering during a pilot phase and how long is this sustainable before an integration commitment is required?

In organizations climbing through level-two and level-three maturities, the terms “corporate policies” and “corporate politics” are often interchangeable. Referring to the mode of charismatic leadership discussed earlier in this chapter, managers who aren’t knowledgeable or comfortable with disciplined project management may become a source of resistance. The introduction of structure and standards often reveals shortcomings in an organization’s approach to project work, which generates perceptions that this reflects derogatorily on those responsible. The added transparency of project progress and status may be threatening to managers whose work couldn’t be as easily scrutinized without a project management system. Don’t underestimate the overhead of organizational change and the pain it often brings. Keep in mind that as difficult as it may be to get Project Server ready for your organization, it may be an order of magnitude more difficult to get your organization ready for Project Server.

Implementing Enterprise Portfolio Management with Microsoft Project Server 2002
Implementing Enterprise Portfolio Management with Microsoft Project Server 2002
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