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mailing list for Scott Meyers
     common base classes and
     delete and
managing resources [See resource management]
Manis, Vincent
Marin, Alex
math and numerics utilities, in Boost 2nd
mathematical functions, in TR1
mathematics, inheritance and
matrix operations, optimizing
Matthews, Leon
max, std, implementation of
Meadowbrooke, Chrysta
     of classes without virtual functions
     of composition
     of non-virtual functions
     of pass-by-value
     of private inheritance
     of public inheritance
     of pure virtual functions
     of references
     of simple virtual functions
measuring encapsulation
Meehan, Jim
member data [See data members]
member function templates 2nd
member functions
     bitwise const 2nd
     common design errors 2nd
     const 2nd
     duplication and 2nd
     encapsulation and
     implicitly generated 2nd 3rd
         disallowing 2nd
     logically const 2nd
     vs. non-member functions 2nd
     vs. non-member non-friends 2nd
member initialization
     for const static integral members
     lists 2nd
         vs. assignment 2nd
memory allocation
     arrays and 2nd
     error handling for 2nd
memory leaks, new expressions and
memory management
     functions, replacing 2nd
     multithreading and 2nd
     utilities, in Boost
metaprogramming [See template metaprogramming]
Meyers, Scott
     mailing list for
     web site for
mf, as identifier
Michaels, Laura
Mickelsen, Denise
minimizing compilation dependencies 2nd 3rd
Mittal, Nishant
mixed-mode arithmetic 2nd 3rd 4th
mixin-style inheritance
modeling is-implemented-in-terms-of 2nd
modifying function return values
Monty Python, allusion to
Moore, Vanessa
More Effective C++ 2nd 3rd
     compared to Effective C++
     contents of 2nd
More Exceptional C++ 2nd
Moroff, Hal
MPL library, in Boost 2nd
multiparadigm programming language, C++ as
multiple inheritance [See inheritance]
     memory management routines and 2nd
     non-const static objects and
     treatment in this book
mutable 2nd
mutexes, RAII and 2nd


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