Logging On Under the Administrator Account

For security reasons, Windows Vista doesn't give you access to the all-powerful Administrator account. I explain why in Chapter 6, "Security Enhancements in Windows Vista." Actually, I should say that it doesn't give you easy access to this account. The logon screen doesn't include an option to choose the Administrator, and there is no option anywhere in the main Vista interface to enable this account to log on.

That's probably just as well because it will keep most users much safer, but it's annoying for those of us who occasionally require the Administrator account. For example, the Windows Automated Installation Kit that I discuss in the next section requires the Administrator account.

Fortunately, there are a couple of workarounds, both of which involve editing the Registry. Begin by opening the Registry Editor: Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, Run. Type regedit and click OK, and then click Allow in the Windows Security dialog box.

With the Registry Editor open, navigate to the following key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

You now have two choices:

  • To log on automatically as Administrator Double-click the AutoAdminLogon setting and change its value to 1. You should also create a String setting named DefaultPassword and change its value to your Administrator password.

  • To include Administrator in the logon screen Create a new subkey under Winlogon named SpecialAccounts, and then create a new subkey under SpecialAccounts named UserList. In the UserList key, create a DWORD value named Administrator and set its value to 1.

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Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled
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