Day 4: The Turning Point

By Day 4, the stench is so bad that the employees are clamoring for the Fixer's head. Some even blame him for the fish's death. Moreover, the health department arrives and threatens to close the store, sending the owner into a full panic.

The Fixer is prepared for all of this. He knows that Day 4 is his moment of truththe get-rolling-or-smell-horrible-forever day. That is why he wasted no time trying to resuscitate the dead fish on Day 3, knowing from experience that he would need time to examine the entrails and formulate a solution. Today, he has several crucial tasks:

  • Close out the preliminary analysis phase

  • Formulate a plan for going forward

  • Announce the plan internally

  • Begin implementation

  • Calm down the team

This is a tall order, and it is more than enough to accomplish on Day 4.

He makes no attempt to control the odor (focus on public relations) yet, understanding that doing so before a true solution is underway would invite catastrophe. Privately, the Fixer thanks his lucky stars that the remaining fish appear to be hanging in there, because another dead fish at this point could push the whole thing over the cliff.

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