Recalling the Story Recalled

Questions for Recalling Your Story

Question Category: Who Am I?

  • What, and how deep, is my spiritual foundation?

  • What is my relationship with death?

  • Who are my spiritual teachers?

  • How present am I in the moment?

  • How much time do I take for solitude, reflection, and prayer?

Question Category: Where Do I Belong?

  • How healthy is the place I'm living for me?

  • How at home do I feel in my home?

  • To what extent do I feel I belong in my community?

  • What opportunities do I have where I live to do the things I love to do?

  • How well do I manage my life so I mostly do what I care about?

Question Category: What Do I Care About?

  • Who comes to me for help?

  • What are my gifts?

  • How am I using my gifts on the things I care about?

  • How fulfilling is my work?

  • How is the balance of work and play in my life?

Question Category: What Is My Purpose?

  • How clear am I of my purpose?

  • How aware am I of my legacy?

  • What difference am I making in the world?

  • Who have I voluntarily helped in the last month?

  • What connections do I have to something greater than myself?

Think about these questions in a manner that really encourages reflection. There is no rush; you don't have to answer all of them right now. In fact, the more time you take with them, the more meaningful your answers. Use these questions as a way to dig deeper into your life's story. Take a long look at where you are and how you've gotten here. How can you harvest the wisdom you've gained in the first half of life to sow it more fully in the second half?

Examine your life. What is good about it? What is missing? How do you relate to where you live? How are your relationships? What is happening with work? How are you expressing your purpose? Are you living your own authentic version of the good life (or someone else's)?

All the experiences in your life have brought you to this point in your life. Nowhere can you find better clues to your future than by revisiting and reintegrating the life you have already lived. In no way will you more effectively write the story of tomorrow than by recalling the story of your past.

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