Minimun Suggested Requirements and Instructions

For best performance, your system should have at least a 350 Mhz Pentium class CPU with at least 128 Megabytes of RAM. WFTL Edition Knoppix supports a wide variety graphics cards, monitors, sound cards, network cards, and other hardware. The odds are pretty good that the WFTL Edition Knoppix CD will work with your system if the minimum requirements are met.

Using the CD should be as simple as shutting Windows® and doing a reboot. Make sure your PC is set to boot from the CD. WFTL Edition Knoppix boots up to a nice, graphical screen with a simple boot: prompt from which you can simply press Enter and let the CD do the rest; this is an amazingly simple install. As the system comes up, you'll see a number of prompts as hardware is detected and your environment is created. This can take a few minutes, so please be patient.

Additional details on your WFTL Edition Knoppix CD can be found in Chapter 1 of this book in the section titled "About the CD."

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