appendixE. What s New in Ruby 1.8


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appendix E. What's New in Ruby 1.8

Change is the only thing that is permanent.


This book was written at an awkward time, right in the middle of a Ruby development cycle. Yet of course, that would be the case whenever the book was written.

We have found it difficult to revise all of the text at the last minute to incorporate all the latest enhancements in the Ruby language. Instead we've decided to summarize those changes here.

We've tried, where possible, to group the changes by class or module. Note that some of the changes here are marked as "experimental" (meaning that they may not be permanent). In general, we've omitted news about bug fixes and performance enhancements here, choosing to concentrate on changed interfaces.

This information will be out of date by the time you read it. As always, find the latest information on the Web.




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