Creating and Editing Smart Albums

You may find yourself adding photos to an album over and over again. There's a better way: smart albums. Unlike normal albums, which you must maintain manually, smart albums use a set of rules that you create to maintain their contents automatically.

To create a smart album:


Click the Add button (+) below the Source pane, choose Smart Album from the New pop-up menu, and click Create. Better yet, either -click the Add button or choose New Smart Album () from the File menu.

iPhoto displays a dialog for you to name and configure your album (Figure 3.20).

Figure 3.20. Name and configure your smart album in the dialog that appears after choosing New Smart Album from the File menu.


Enter a name for the new album.


From the first pop-up menu, choose a criterion that photos must match to be included (Figure 3.21).

Figure 3.21. Smart albums can match photos based on numerous criteria, shown here. In this case, I'm looking for photos with a specific rating.


From the second pop-up menu, choose how that criterion should be evaluated (Figure 3.22).

Figure 3.22. Once you've chosen a criterion, you must determine how it should be evaluated. The second pop-up menu changes dynamically to match the selected criterion. Here, since I'm matching on rating, and I'd like the smart album to find only photos with 4 or 5 stars, I've selected Is Greater Than.


Enter a condition against which the criterion is to be evaluated (Figure 3.23).

Figure 3.23. Lastly, enter the condition against which your criterion will be evaluated. To finish the smart album that matches my 4- or 5-star photos, I've clicked the field to select 3 stars. Read as a whole, my rule says, "Select all photos whose rating is greater than 3 stars."


If you want your smart album to have multiple criteria, click the + button and repeat steps 35.


When you're done, click the OK button.

iPhoto looks at all your photos and adds those that match to the smart album.

To edit a smart album:


-click an album and choose Edit Smart Album from the contextual menu.


Follow steps 27 above to change the smart album's name or configuration.

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