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Any time you go to a web site that requires you to log in to your account, you are asked for two things: a user name and password. Normally you type the user name in plain text, but when you type the password, all you see is asterisks (*) for every letter. It's a nifty little trick that's not really a trick at all, and its purpose is to increase security. You can safely type a password while someone looks on and feel secure that they don't know your login.

Guess what? Flash can do this too. Create a text field on the stage and set it to Input Text. Go to the Line Type property (where it says Single Line) and change it to Password. Test your movie (CTRL-RETURN; CMD-RETURN on Mac) and type into the text box. You'll see that each character is hidden with an asterisk. Now you can have a login page just like HTML, but completely in Flash. Isn't that exciting?

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