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Macromedia® Flash™ MX 2004 Killer Tips
By Shane Elliott Killer Tips series developed by Scott Kelby
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: November 14, 2003
ISBN: 0-7357-1383-9
Pages: 224
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      Why I Wrote This Book
      Is This Book for You?
      Okay, How Do I Begin?
      Is This Book for Macintosh, Windows, or Both?
      How to Use This Book
      What Not to Do
      Flash MX 2004 Killer Tips
    Chapter 1.  I'll Lay You Out: Tips on Organizing Your Workspace
      Where should I Put the Timeline?
      I Need My Space!
      It's My Way or the Highway
      Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye
      Shrinking Sections
      Everyone's Afloat
      It's Time to Remove the Timeline
      The Library Won't Sit Still
      Name Your Layers
      Hidden Layer Name...
      I'm Tiling to Compare
      A Cascade Effect
      Speedy Document Display
      Familiarity Anyone?
      The Heights
      Simplify the Color Mixer
      Property InspectorMore Than Meets the Eye!
      New Window
      I Lost My Panel
      Path to Excellence
    Chapter 2.  My Tool Belt: Tips on Using the Tools and Toolbar
      Paint with a Bitmap
      Secret Tools
      Selection Magic
      Scrap it!
      Controlling the Scale
      Quick Scale Mcgraw
      Special Colors Just for Me
      For the Little Guys
      Stroke Away
      Eye Copy You
      Point of Rotation
      Password Protect
      Select Entire Shape
      Rounding the Corner
      Start From the Middle
      Orient Your Text
      To Free or Not To Free
      Keep That Lasso Straight
      One at a Time, Boys
      It's Black and White
      Super Shaper
      Lock Up those Unruly Gradients
      Snap To it
      One at a Time, Ladies
      Multiple Select
      Text is a Click or Drag
      I'm Having a Stroke
      Slick Eraser
      Someone Fill Me Up
    Chapter 3.  It's an Organizational Hazard: Timeline, Stage, and Library Tips
      No Can Pan
      The Rigid Grid
      Underscore My Rise to the Top
      Changing Frames
      That's Some Fine Movement
      Symbolic Jumping
      The Nudge Factor
      Multiple Select in the Library
      Folders Nest Too
      Let Me See Your Mask
      The Guiding Line
      Invisible Layer
      Stretch Those Frames
      Here's An Outline
      Library Preview
      Order in the Layer!
      All Layers... Attention!
      Duplicates for Safety
      Smaller Preview
      Frames of a Layer Flock Together
      Same Background, Different Scene
      Add Frames to All Layers
      The Library Tells All
      I Miss Flash 5
      Harvest the Assets
      What's With the Warning?
      Get Ready to Scrub In
    Chapter 4.  Win, Lose, or Draw? Draw!: Create Better Effects and Animations
      Custom Gradients
      Realistic Sphere
      Am I Tripping?
      Realistic Drop-Shadow
      Careful With Those Shapes
      Look Ma, They're Perfect
      Quick, Put on the Mask!
      Prebuilt Animations
      Guiding a Mask or Masking a Guide
      Text That Morphs
      Stretch It to the Limit
      Realistic Motion
      Simplify Your Shapes
      Custom Easing
      Text Blocks, there's Room for Everyone
      Bitmapped Type
      Resizing Text Fields
      I'm Fading Fast
      There's Too Much Pressure
      Super Fast Tweening
      See-Through Shapes
      Let Flash Follow Your Lead
      Degrees In Every Direction
      Now That's Shapely
      Animation to Symbol
      Letter By Letter, I'll Kern Them All
      Even Shapes Need a Hint
      Stay Inside the Lines
      Flip It, Flip It Good
    Chapter 5.  Feel the Flow: Tips to Help You Work Faster
      Quick Switch Tabber
      Power Panels
      This Looks Like a Job for... Super Zoom!
      Here's a Shortcut
      One Step Forward, One Step Back
      Unselect All
      Temporary Arrow Tool
      Sticky Hand
      By the Power of Myskull!
      And... Key Timeline
      So Much Text, So Little Time
      Zoom, Zoom, Zoom...
      It's Time to Font-Cycle
      Quick Edit
      Layer Locator
      Two Birds, One Panel
      The Big Five
      No Cloning Layers
      Quickest Copy in the West
      Quick Span Select
      Quick Create
      Get Out Fast
      Multiple Insertions
      Paste in Place
      Quick, Undo All
      In and Out, One by One
      Take Initiative
      Is It a Symbol?
    Chapter 6.  Island of Misfit Tips: Miscellaneous Tips
      Failed to Save Error!
      Dashes to Dashes
      Warning Will Robinson
      Start From Here
      Take it to the Limit
      Button Clicks and All That Jazz
      Second to Last Resort
      Preview a Movie Clip Without Testing
      CSS in Flash?
      Invisible Buttons
      Sound Trimming
      Bye, Bye Bounding Box
      The Old Switch-a-Roo
      Flash Activation
      The Bible
      Here's Your Kit
      Go Right to the Source
      We're Here...
      Error Recovery
      Throw Away the Key
      Flash Animation
    Chapter 7.  Import/Export Business: Tips on Importing, Exporting, and Templates
      Edit Video! What's that you say?
      Publish Me Up, Scotty
      Importing Me Stuff
      Open As Library Was Here a Minute Ago
      I Can't Import a Quicktime Movie!
      Keep 'Em Fresh
      My File is All Growed Up
      Illustrate Myself
      World Series of Images
      File Swapping
      Preview Your Work
      New From Template, I Miss You!
      Movie Projector
      I'm Stuck With Flash Mx 2004Now What?
      Make My Template
      Pasting Not Allowed?
      Maintain Alpha
      Exporting "Movie Movies"
      Directly from Photoshop for Windows
      Movie Clips as Their Own Swfs
      Prim and Proper
      Override Your Sound
      Edit Bitmaps
      Lock it Up
      Publish Profiles
      Going Hollywood
      Beware of Optimization
      Save as Annoying?
    Chapter 8.  Use What You Got: Tips for Built-In Components and Existing Elements
      Components are Eating Me Alive
      The Missing Link
      Fonts For All And For All a Good Font
      Old Components Have No Place
      Components Eat Up File Size
      TransformerMore Than Meets the Eye
      Flash Media Player
      Keep Your Distance
      Component Inspector Versus Property Inspector
      It's an Exact Science
      Give a Command and Flash Will Follow
      Movie Exploration
      Common Libraries
      Search is My Rescue
      Dead Center
      Simply Interactive
      Your Basic Lineup
      Scene Management
      Quick Bugs or Debugs?
      I'm Loopy
      Ungroup or Break Apart?
      Font Mapping
      Spell Checker?
      Help, I Need Somebody...Help
      Icons For All
      Share and Share Alike
      Just the Ones You Want
    Chapter 9.  It's Not Sanskrit: Tips for ActionScript
      Drag 'n Drop Coding?
      Externalize Actionscript
      I'm Getting New Highlights
      What Line Is That?
      Hint, Hint...
      Right-Click No More
      I'm Ignoring You Now
      Calling All Javascript!
      Create Email
      Loopy Lou
      You've Been Pinned
      Ignore this Code
      Auto Format
      Pop It Right
      Lock the Root
      I'm Just Not Ready
      Scrollable Text
      Here's a Hint
      Loadmovie Doesn't Load a Jpeg
      Suddenly Sensitive
      I Have A Comment
      Do Not Print
      Trace an Action
      Best Way to Hide User Menu
      Going Local
      Button Actions Worked in the Old Days, So What's Up?
    Chapter 10.  Let's Get Embed: Tips for Placing Your Flash Movie on Your Site
      Estimated Performance
      Outlawed Outlines
      Transparent SWFS?
      Web Safe Has Changed
      Resizing Accordingly
      Document Sizes
      Clunky Mac Playback
      Brightness Fades Too
      Flash is for the Web, Right?
      Why's My File So Big?
      AHHH, Frame Rates
      Better Save Than Sorry
      Flash Forecasting
      I Have Individual Qualities
      Low on Resources
      Broken Bitmaps
      Custom Undos?
      Back and Forth, To and Fro
      Flashenate the Image
      Scaling Woes
      Pixel Clear
      Section 10.  ,000 Leagues of Undo
      Cleaning House, or the Library
      Trim the Fat
      Too Smooth For Me
      Null Sound
      Reduce Your Curves
      Don't Always Be So Cinematic
      Sound That SYNCS
      Execute Flash
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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Killer Tips
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Killer Tips
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