The Library Won t Sit Still

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The Library Won't Sit Still


Typically when you call upon Flash to display your Library (CTRL/CMD-L), that darn thing wants to float around your screen. This can get annoying if it is covering valuable items such as your Stage or other panels that you may need to watch while working. But if you're like me, you like having your Library handy every now and then. Well, the Library is completely dockable, just like all the other panels and windows in Flash MX 2004. To dock your Library, just grab the top-left corner of it (where all the little dots are) and drag it over another docked panel or inspector until it snaps. And if you have enough screen real estate, you can even dock it to the left of your panels that run down the right side of the Flash interface. Either way, it's a much better option than continually moving it out of the way or constantly resizing it so you can see what you're doing.

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