Give a Command and Flash Will Follow

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A new feature introduced in Flash MX 2004 is the capability to save a set of actions you've performed in your document as a command that you can run at any time in the future. To turn the things you do into a command, open the new History panel (ALT-F10 or OPT-F10 on the Mac) and select the steps you want to turn into a command by clicking and dragging in the history window. Once you have the steps selected that you want, click the small disk icon at the bottom right of the panel and give your command a name. To run a saved command, look under commands and choose your command from the list. If you ever need to remove a saved command, click Manage Saved Commands in the same menu, select the command to delete and click Delete. Many of you are used to similar features in other applications such as Photoshop, so I think this will be a popular option that will make redundant tasks automated and less painful.

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