Section I: Linux Fundamentals

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Chapter List

Chapter 1: Making the Move from Windows to Linux
Chapter 2: Installing Linux
Chapter 3: Basics of the Linux Operating System

This section is designed to give you your first exposure to Linux. All of the basic concepts are explained in detail. No prior knowledge of operating systems or installations is assumed. The only assumption made is that you are a competent computer user with experience with Windows, the Internet, and some office applications. As you read through the chapters in this section, you will be shown the fundamentals of the Linux operating system.

Chapter 1 introduces you to the concepts underlying the Linux operating system. You are given a brief history of the operating system, as well as a basic introduction to the world of Linux. Perhaps most importantly, this chapter gives you a comparison between Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Chapter 2 takes you step by step through the entire process of installing Red Hat 9.0, the most popular Linux distribution. Each step is carefully explained, with pictures showing you what you will see during your install. Underlying concepts such as disk partitions and boot loaders are explained.

Chapter 3 introduces you to some basics of the Linux operating system. You will learn about shells and graphical user interfaces. You will also learn to do a few simple shell commands and learn how to find things on the KDE desktop.

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