Section 17.5. Chapter Summary

17.5. Chapter Summary

  • Linux is increasingly being used in systems where real-time performance is required. Examples include multimedia applications and robot, industrial, and automotive controllers.

  • Real-time systems are characterized by deadlines. When a missed deadline results in inconvenience or a diminished customer experience, we refer to this as soft real time. In contrast, hard real-time systems are considered failed when a deadline is missed.

  • Kernel preemption was the first significant feature in the Linux kernel that addressed system-wide latency.

  • Recent Linux kernels support several preemption modes, ranging from no preemption to full real-time preemption.

  • The real-time patch adds several key features to the Linux kernel, resulting in reliable low latencies.

  • The real-time patch includes several important measurement tools to aid in debugging and characterizing a real-time Linux implementation.

17.5.1. Suggestions for Additional Reading

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