Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Thousands of people have contributed directly and indirectly to this book. They include project colleagues, customers, and project management practitioners who have discussed project management with us in the intense project management workshops that we lead. Thank you all very much. In a sense, this is your book. We have simply compiled it.

Some of you have been particularly important.

In 1982, Len Gross, who had a long and strong IBM project background, invited Earl to help with a corporate project management workshop that he was teaching. It was Len who made the importance of integration in project management explicit.

Professor Dan McNamara joined with Earl to develop the first project management course for the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dan helped to develop the curriculum in many ways, but it was his knowledge and skill at using one of the early project management software packages, Timeline, that particularly enriched the course and has continued to influence the development of this book.

About seven years ago, Earl Hall was happily teaching and consulting when a very bright, insightful, and experienced project manager named Juliane Johnson appeared in his workshop. Once Juliane came aboard, this book became a "we" effort.

John Ely, Surface Conditioning Division president for FSI International, of Chanhassen, Minnesota, challenged Earl to make project management principles clear for project managers and the managers of project managers during the years that Earl taught and consulted for FSI. John also read an early draft of Integrated Project Management and made useful suggestions.

Everton King, Rochester Institute of Technology; Rick Wilson, Oklahoma State University; Ralph Rogers, Old Dominion University; Anthony A. Olinzock, Mississippi State University; and Ajay K. Mishra, SUNY Binghamton, all reviewed the manuscript for Prentice Hall and provided helpful feedback.

Among these reviewers, Anthony Olinzock provided particularly insightful and valuable suggestions. Thanks, Andy. It is a better book because of your feedback.

Joyce Vogt, assisted by her engineer husband, Guy Vogt, did a great job of prodding us and pulling together the first draft for the publisher. Thank you, Joyce and Guy, for typing, formatting, and creating diagrams and for your editorial advice.

Sue More, who is responsible for graphics, design, and prepress at the University of St. Thomas, prepared the final draft for the publisher. Thanks, Sue!

I have a spunky little Norwegian wife with a big, fat university degree in journalism and experience in community news and magazine writing, who believes her background qualifies her to force an engineer-economist and an information specialist to write readable and understandable prose for college and graduate school students. After my many long, loud protests of "but Carol, you are changing the meaning," I have come to believe her corrections work! Carol Hall has been the prepublish manuscript editor. If you can read this book easily and understand it, it is because of Carol. For that, Juliane and I are most grateful.

There is a lovely young woman I know only through the telephone and e-mail. She laughs at my attempts at email humor, even though everyone else says I have no sense of humor. She has guided the book along and is constantly cheerful and understanding. Debbie Yarnell is our editor at Prentice Hall, and we love her. Project editor Julie Frigo has also been very good to work with and copyeditor Jan Lynn did a great job of making this difficult subject more readable.

Earl Hall


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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