Section 131. Format Your Description with eBay s HTML Editor

131. Format Your Description with eBay's HTML Editor


130 Write the Title and Description


157 Jazz Up Text and Headlines with HTML

158 Colorize and Change Fonts and Add Effects with HTML

159 About Including HTML on eBay Auction Pages

Plain text doesn't sell. On eBay, where potential buyers have short attention spans , you need colors, fonts, and formatting to draw them in and keep them focused on your auction.

You have to use HTML to format your text for display on the eBay site, but eBay includes a nifty HTML text editor that lets you format your text without knowing a single HTML command. Here's how to use it:

131. Format Your Description with eBay's HTML Editor

Click the HTML Text Editor Link

If you haven't begun to fill out the Sell Your Item form yet, back up to 129 Start the Sell Form and Choose a Category to learn how to begin the process of creating an auction listing; continue with 130 Write the Title and Description .

Just above the Description text box on the Sell Your Item page, click the HTML Text Editor link. After a few seconds, the HTML Editor appears just above the description.

Choose a New Font, Size , and Color

Highlight the text you want to change, and then from the drop-down lists in the HTML Editor, select a new font, a new font size, and a new color. Note that you can change the format of individual words and letters or entire sections of the descriptionyou don't have to change them all to be the same size, font, and color.


When using fonts, sizes, and colors, be careful that you don't mix too many different sizes, colors, and fonts. If you do, you'll end up with the "ransom note effect," making your text look like a patched-together amalgamation, which is very difficult to read.


The default font in your descriptions is Arial in the Small size. If you want to use the Arial Small size, there's no need to reformat your text.

Choose Bold, Italic, or Underline

Bold, italic, and underlined formats can add emphasis to text. Choose the text you want to have those formats, and click the Bold, Italic , or Underline button in the HTML Editor. Don't overuse these effects because if you do, you'll only make your description more difficult to read. Use these formatting options only to highlight key words, sentences, or phrases.

Add Other Special Effects

The HTML Editor lets you use other effects, such as bulleted lists, numbered lists, centered text, indented text, or flush left or flush right text. Highlight the text to which you want to add these special effects, and then click the appropriate button in the HTML Editor. Once again, use these special effects with care so you don't make your description unreadable.

Preview Your Description

When you're done modifying the text in your description, click the Preview Your Description link and view the description in the window that appears. Click Close Window to close the window and return to the Sell Your Item page. Keep editing the text with the HTML Editor until you're happy with the results. When you are, click Continue .


Click the Back button at the bottom of the Sell Your Item form page (not your browser's Back button) to back up through the pages of the Sell Your Item form if you decide to make changes to earlier selections you've made. Click the Continue button to advance through the pages of the form.

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