What s New in PowerPoint 2003?

What's New in PowerPoint 2003?

PowerPoint 2003 provides the powerful slide creation and organization tools that are available in its predecessors, PowerPoint 2002 and 2000. PowerPoint 2003 also provides a number of enhancements that makes it even easier to create eye-catching and informative presentations.

Some of the new features provided by PowerPoint 2003 are as follows :

  • Package to CD This new feature is used to write a PowerPoint presentation directly to a CD. When the CD is created, a copy of the new PowerPoint Viewer is also placed on the CD to allow you to easily play the presentation on any computer. Packaging a presentation on a CD is discussed later in this lesson.

  • New Slide Show Toolbar The Slide Show toolbar provides easy access to slide show tools such as the pen and highlighter options. The Slide Show toolbar is discussed in Lesson 12, "Presenting an Onscreen Slide Show," which is in the PowerPoint section of this book (Part VII).

  • Document Workspaces PowerPoint embraces the Document Workspace feature (as do Word and Excel), which allows you to make presentation files available on the Web through the use of a Microsoft SharePoint server. Document Workspace is discussed in Lesson 1, "What's New in Office 2003," in Part I of this book.

Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
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Authors: Joe Habraken

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