Viewing a Contacts Activities Tab

Although the Contacts folder provides different views for perusing the actual contacts in the Contacts list, these views really don't give you any indication of the messages that you have sent to a particular contact or the tasks that you might have assigned to a particular contact (assigning a task to a contact is covered later in this lesson).

You can view all the activities related to a particular contact on the contact's Activities tab. With the Contacts folder open , follow these steps:

  1. Double-click a contact in the Contacts folder to open the contact.

  2. Click the Activities tab on the contact's window. All the activities, such as sent and received e- mails and any assigned tasks, appear on the Activities tab (see Figure 11.3).

    Figure 11.3. You can view all the activities related to a particular contact.


  3. To see a subset of the Activities list, click the Show drop-down box. You can choose to view only E-Mail, Notes, or Upcoming Tasks/Appointments related to that particular contact (any items that you delete in the Activities list are removed from the list and the folder that contained them).

  4. You open any of the items on the Activities list by double-clicking that item. Close an opened item by clicking its Close ( X ) button.

  5. When you have finished viewing the activities related to a particular contact, you can close the contact's window.

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