And Finally . . .

Perl, when used correctly, can make your administrative life a great deal easier, especially when used in conjunction with other tools and technologies. As a demonstration of this and, we feel, an appropriate ending to this Perl chapter, we d like to touch upon a small application we ve written and included in the code download (from for this book).

It s a simple systems administration assistant, with a graphical user interface that we hope you might find a use for when you re working on your system. To install it, simply run the script that s in the download. It will install a thttpd server and the necessary code files. Once it s up and running, it looks something like t Figure 13-4.

This is covered in more detail in Chapter 15, and there s a downloadable blow-by-blow account of how it was put together available from the Wrox Web site.

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Figure 13-4

Beginning Fedora 2
Beginning Fedora 2
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