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advanced 3ds max 5: modeling and animating
Advanced 3ds max 5: Modeling and Animating
by Boris Kulagin ISBN:1931769168
A-LIST Publishing 2003 (450 pages)

In this comprehensive game development reference, users are taken from modeling a still-life scene to animating photo-realistic and fantasy characters in a variety of organic and mechanical backgrounds.

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Table of Contents
Advanced 3ds max 5—Modeling & Animating
Project I - A Lunar Expedition
Lesson 1- The Script
Lesson 2- Spaceship Modeling
Lesson 3- Modeling the Lunar Module and Rover
Lesson 4- Modeling and Animating an Astronaut
Lesson 5- Modeling Space and Animating the Flight of the Spaceship
Lesson 6- Modeling and Animating the Landing on the Moon
Lesson 7- Animating the Astronaut and Lunar Rover
Lesson 8- Rendering the Scene and Assemling the Movie
Project II - A Living Room
Lesson 9- Modeling the Living Room
Lesson 10- Daylight Adjustment
Lesson 11- Global Lighting Material
Part III - Additional Lessons
Lesson 12- Navigation in 3ds Max Viewports, Object Manipulations, and Special Features
Lesson 13- Coordinates, Transform Centers, Alignment, and Snaps
Lesson 14- Texture Creation
Lesson 15- Modeling a Car Body using a Sketch
Lesson 16- Modeling a Human Head
Lesson 17- Modeling Lightning and an Electric Discharge
Lesson 18- Modeling a Soccer Ball
Lesson 19- Using 3ds Max with Other Autodesk and Discreet Packages
Lesson 20- 3ds Max and Landscape Generators
Lesson 21- Useful Add-Ons
Part IV - Appendixes
Appendix A- Brief 3D Graphics Glossary
Appendix B- Main Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix C- Internet Resources
Appendix D- About the Companion CD-ROM
List of Figures
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Advanced 3Ds Max 5[c] Modeling and Animating
Advanced 3Ds Max 5[c] Modeling and Animating
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