Tool Support

To manage all aspects of your project's requirements effectively, maintaining their attribute values and traceability to other project items, it is essential to have the support of requirements management tools, in all but the very small projects. Rational RequisitePro provides support in capturing requirements and organizing them in documents and in a requirements repository along with important attributes that are used to manage requirements scope and change. Moreover, if you are using use cases, RequisitePro will help you describe the textual properties of the use cases.

For visual modeling of requirements artifacts, Rational Rose and Rational XDE provide automated support for the actors and use cases in the Use-Case Model (with automatic integration to RequisitePro for maintaining their textual properties, requirements attributes, and traceability), along with storyboards. Having requirements artifacts in Rose or XDE also allows you to maintain dependencies to elements in the design model.

Rational SoDA helps automate the generation of documentation. It allows you to define an " intelligent template" that can extract information from various sources. Rational SoDA is particularly useful if you are using several tools to capture the results of your workflow, but you must produce final documentation that pulls together that information in one place.

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