C.6 Scheduling and Management

C.6 Scheduling and Management

  • www.openpbs.org: The OpenPBS site is the official Web site for the open source version of PBS. Maintained by Altair, it offers downloads of software, patches, and documentation, and it hosts FAQs, discussion lists, searchable archives, and general PBS community announcements.

  • www.pbspro.com: Focused on the Professional Version of PBS, the PBS Pro Web site includes software downloads, documentation, evaluation versions, beta releases of new software, news, and information for the PBS administrator.

  • www.supercluster.org: The Supercluster Web site contains documentation for the Maui scheduler and Silver metascheduler. It also includes cluster-relevant research in areas of simulation, metascheduling, data staging, allocation management, and resource optimization.

  • www.scyld.com: The Scyld Web site provides information on the profession version of the Scyld Beowulf product. Scyld was recently acquired by Penguin Computing (www.penguincomputing.com).

  • www.cs.wisc.edu/condor: The Condor Project Homepage provides access to software, documentation and reports.

  • gridengine.sunsource.net: The Grid Engine Web site provides access to software, documentation, mailing lists, and other resources.

Beowulf Cluster Computing With Linux 2003
Beowulf Cluster Computing With Linux 2003
Year: 2005
Pages: 198

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