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Object command (Insert menu)   2nd  
       3D effects
               applying   2nd  
               adding text  
               applying 3D effects   2nd  
               changing shapes  
               editing   2nd  
               setting fill color  
       drawing on slides   2nd  
       fill colors
       single slide objects
               animating   2nd   3rd  
       slide objects   2nd   3rd   4th  
               adding borders   2nd  
               adding shadows   2nd  
               aligning   2nd  
               changing border color  
               flipping   2nd  
               movie clips  
               moving   2nd  
               resizing   2nd  
               restricting rotation  
               rotating   2nd  
               sound clips  
               undoing shadows  
       text objects
               adding to slide layouts   2nd  
               changing background color   2nd   3rd  
Omit Background Graphics from Master check box (Background dialog box)  
One Color option (Gradient tab)
       color intensity  
onscreen workspace
       freeing up  
Open button (Standard toolbar)  
Open dialog box
Open Published Web Page in Browser check box  
       AutoContent wizard  
       Background dialog box  
       dialog boxes  
       Fill Effects dialog box  
       Header and Footer dialog box  
       Insert New Pictures dialog box  
               Alt key  
       Open dialog box  
       Outline pane  
       Photo Album dialog box  
               PowerPoint shortcut icon  
               Start menu (Windows XP) shortcut  
               Windows Start menu  
               File menu  
       Recolor Picture dialog box  
       Ruler (View menu)  
       Save As dialog box  
       Slide Design Task pane  
       Slide Master  
       Slide Master view  
       Slide Transition Task pane  
       Task pane (PowerPoint Program window)  
       Task pane via shortcuts  
option buttons
       Complete Presentation  
       Hyperlink to  
        charts   2nd  
       Organization Chart  
       printing   2nd   3rd  
Options dialog box (Tools menu)  
       Password to Modify option  
Organization Chart Style Gallery dialog box  
organization charts  
       adding   2nd  
Other Layouts option (Slide Layout pane)
       table layouts
Other Task panes button
Other Task panes button (Task Pane)  
Outline pane
       Outlining toolbar
               viewing specific slides  
Outline tab
       Outline pane
               closing   2nd  
Outline tab (PowerPoint Program window)  
Outline view
       closing   2nd  
       Outline pane
               hiding formatting  
               adding text  
               selecting text  
       summary slides
       collapsing   2nd  
       data series (charts)  
       demoting text  
               keyboard shortcuts  
       promoting text   2nd  
               keyboard shortcuts  
               adding to  
Outlining toolbar
       Collapse All button
               collapsing outlines  
       Demote button
               adding subordinate text to toolbars  
               creating subordinate text   2nd  
       Expand All button
               expanding outlines  
       MoveDown button  
       MoveUp button  
       Show Formatting button  
       Summary Slide button  
Outlining toolbar (Outline pane)
Oval button (Drawing toolbar)  
Oval tool (Drawing toolbar)  

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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