Part 3. Entering and Editing Transactions

You can record your account activities in Quicken by entering transactions. A transaction is any activity that causes money to move in or out of your cash flow accounts. Transactions include deposits, withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, transfers, debit card purchases, and, of course, any checks that you write.

In this section of the book, you learn how to record the various types of transactions, as well as learn how to view and edit them in the account register window. Most of your transactions are recorded in your checking or savings account; however, you can apply these same techniques to record transactions into other types of accounts you create in Quicken.

One of the techniques you'll learn about in this part is recording a split transaction. You might, for example, purchase $10 worth of oil for your car and another $20 worth of groceries, but write a single check for all the items. A split transaction enables you to track the auto expense as well as the grocery expense separately, even though you purchased everything at the same time and at the same store.

In addition to recording your account transactions, you can also write out your checks from within Quicken and record them into your register at the same time. The Write Checks window lets you write and enter checks and print them out using specialized check paper you can purchase from Intuit.

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