1. In order to maintain confidentiality, the name of the companies described in this case, as well as their geographical location and the names of the participants have been disguised.

  2. For a more detailed financial description of the firm, see Appendix 1.

  3. This remark is very similar to the title of a paper written by, Markus and Keil (1994): "If We Build It, They Will come: Designing Information Systems That People Want to Use" which addresses key issues in IS development and system use.

  4. As the project took form, this committee was later transformed into a more formal Steering Committee.

  5. On this subject, see Ewusi-Mensah (1987) and Barki et al. (2001).

  6. The Loan Insurance Manager for Canada joined the project coordination committee in the later stages of the development effort.

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