Link Message with Discipline

No matter how effectively a president might craft and sell his message, however, it is only as good as his ability to deliver results. In the end, that is how all leaders are judged. The public would immediately sense whether a message was just a veneer papering over policies moving in opposite directions—or in too many different tracks at once. This is as true for a president as it is for a manager or a company executive. Message is key, but it is only one piece of the leadership jigsaw puzzle.

For Team Bush, the message was the outside layer of the onion. The inside layer was discipline. The president insisted that his aides not only keep to the message, but also move that message consistently to products. That’s how Team Bush scored so many victories against such long odds.

Team Bush. Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House
Annals of Cases on Information Technology (v. 5)
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