Table of Contents

  Table of Contents
Show Me! Microsoft Office Project 2003
By Brian  Kennemer
Publisher : Que
Pub Date : May 20, 2004
ISBN : 0-7897-3069-3
Pages : 304
      About the Author
      About the Technical Editor
      We Want to Hear from You!
        What You'll Do
        Find the Best Place to Start
        How This Book Works
        Step-by-Step Instructions
        Easy-to-Understand Examples
        Chapter 1.   Introduction to the Project Interface
        Anatomy of Project 2003
        Understanding and Exploring Menus
        Understanding and Exploring the Toolbars
        Examining the Gantt Chart View
        Examining the Network Diagram View
        Exploring the Usage Views
        Examining the Resource Sheet View
        Exploring the Resource Graph View
        Chapter 2.   Creating Projects
        Creating New Projects
        Creating Projects from Templates
        Using Templates from Office Online
        Adjusting the Dates on a Template Project
        Editing the Project Information Dialog
        Editing Project File Properties
        Saving a Project
        Opening a Project
        Searching for a Project
        Adding Folders to the My Places Bar
        Chapter 3.   Working with Project Options
        Setting the View Options
        Setting the General Options
        Setting the Edit Options
        Setting the Calendar Options
        Setting the Schedule Options
        Setting the Calculation Options
        Setting Status Options
        Early/Late Task Adjustment Options Explained
        Setting Cost and Critical Path Options
        Setting the Spelling Options
        Setting the Save Options
        Setting the Interface Options
        Setting the Security Options
        Chapter 4.   Entering and Working with Tasks
        Entering Tasks
        Understanding the General Tab
        Working with the General Tab of the Task Information Dialog
        Understanding the Predecessor Tab
        Working with Predecessor Data
        Understanding the Resources Tab
        Working with Task Resources
        Understanding the Advanced Tab
        Working with Advanced Task Settings
        Working with Task Notes and Custom Fields
        What Are Summary Tasks?
        Creating Summary Tasks
        Creating Milestones
        Estimating Work or Duration
        Chapter 5.   Working with Dependencies and Constraints
        What Are Dependencies and When Should You Use Them?
        Creating Links with the Mouse
        Creating Links with the Link Tool
        Editing Links
        Understanding Constraints
        Creating Constraints
        Chapter 6.   Entering Resources
        Creating Resources
        Editing Resource Information
        The Resource Information Dialog
        Working with Constant Resource Availability
        Working with One-Time Changes in Resource Availability
        Defining a Multiple-Contour Availability
        Working with Resource Calendars
        Working with Cost Rate Tables
        Chapter 7.   Working with Resource Assignments
        How Do Assignments Work?
        Assigning Resources with the Assign Resources Dialog
        Assigning Resources with the Task Information Dialog or the Task Form
        Understanding Assignment Units
        Replacing Resources on Assignments
        Deleting Assignments
        Viewing Resource Graphs
        Assigning Resources with the Task Form
        Editing Assignment Information
        Chapter 8.   Dealing with Resource Overallocations
        Overallocations: A Primer
        Finding Overallocations in the Resource Allocation View
        Finding Overallocations in the Gantt Chart View
        Resolving Overallocations Using Leveling Delay or Redistribution
        Resolving Overallocations by Replacing or Adding Resources
        Using the Resource Graph
        The Resource Leveling Dialog: Calculations and Range Sections
        The Leveling Dialog: Resolving Overallocations
        Working with the Resource Leveling Feature
        Chapter 9.   Working with Custom Fields
        Renaming Custom Fields
        Using and Editing Value Lists
        Adding Values to a List
        Sorting Value Lists
        Working with Formulas
        Selecting Rollup Options
        Setting Up Graphical Indicators
        Reusing Field Customizations
        Chapter 10.   Formatting and Creating Views
        Adding and Removing Fields from Views
        Working with Tables
        Adding and Removing Table Fields
        Working with Filters
        Creating Filters
        Creating an Interactive Filter
        Using Groups in Views
        Working with Grouping
        Applying, Customizing, and Editing Groups
        Deleting a Group from Project
        What Is a View?
        Creating Views
        Editing and Deleting Views
        Bar Styles
        Working with Gantt Chart Bar Styles
        Work with Text Styles
        Working with Text Styles
        Chapter 11.   Tracking Progress on Your Project
        What Is the Critical Path?
        Viewing the Critical Path
        Adding a Slack Bar Style to Other Gantt Chart Views
        Adding a Critical Bar Style to Other Gantt Chart Views
        What Is a Baseline?
        Saving Baselines
        Overwriting Baselines
        Saving Baselines for Selected Tasks
        Saving Interim Plans
        Copying and Clearing Baselines
        Working with Baseline Views
        Updating Task Status
        Using the Update Tasks Dialog
        Updating the Project Status Date
        Using the Update As Scheduled Function
        Rescheduling Remaining Work
        Updating Tasks Using Timescaled Data
        Understanding Progress Lines
        Working with Progress Lines
        Formatting Progress Lines
        Chapter 12.   Reporting on Your Project
        Printing Views as Reports
        Setting Up Print Options
        Setting Paper, Numbering, and Margin Options
        Putting Text Into Your Header and Footer
        Working with Legends
        Working with Printing View Options
        Adding Notes to Your Printed View and Printing Your View
        The Report Definition Tab
        Configuring Reports
        Report Details
        Setting the Report Details, Defining the Sort, and Printing the Report
        Creating Custom Reports
        Selecting a Report Type
        The Project Summary Report
        Using the Project Summary Report
        The Who Does What When Report
        Using the Who Does What When Report

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