Adding a Critical Bar Style to Other Gantt Chart Views


You can add a critical bar style to any view you have created. You are not limited to only seeing this kind of bar in the Tracking Gantt view.

Add a Critical Bar

graphics/one_icon.jpg Select the view to which you want to add the new bar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click Format, Bar Styles to show the Bar Styles dialog.

graphics/three_icon.jpg For the Task bar, edit the Show For Tasks field to Normal, Noncritical.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Select the row under the Task style.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click the Insert Row button.

graphics/six_icon.jpg In the Name field, enter Critical.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg In the Show For Tasks field, enter Normal, Critical.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Leave the From and To fields as they are (Start and Finish, respectively)

graphics/nine_icon.jpg Change the Middle bar color to Red.

graphics/ten_icon.jpg Click OK.

graphics/eleven_icon.jpg The critical tasks in this view will now be colored red.


Formatting Text for Critical Tasks

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the Format, Text Styles menu item.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select Critical Tasks from the Item to Change drop-down list.

graphics/three_icon.jpg From the Color box, select the color you want Project to use for critical tasks.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Click OK.


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